Hair Transplant Procedure and Result- Here’s Everything You Should Know

May 25, 2022 by Hair Plants

Hair Transplant Procedure and Result

hair transplant procedure

Smooth hair has been always a top-notch beauty concept. But what to do when hair loss comes in between your dreams and reality? well, we got you! Hairplants India has been a companion for all those who worry about hair loss and its remedies. So, let’s get to know how we are here to help you. Most people wonder how hair transplants work, what procedures take place in hair transplantation, and most importantly, the results. Successful hair transplantation depends on features different from one to another. That’s why knowing about how the procedure works and what the effective hair transplant results are inevitable. 

Hair Transplant Procedure

Before we scroll down, first, what is a hair transplanting procedure and how does it work? 

Hair transplant surgery is done to fill the area where you have no hair or thin hair. Doctors use the hair that you already have to fill the front or top of the head. Back then, this whole transplant procedure was not so familiar but then we traveled a lot forward, and today we are next to you with a perfect solution for your hair problems. For those who fear balding or thinning naturally or have lost hair due to an injury, hair transplant procedures are done with utmost care and commitment.

We, Hairplants India, one of the top hair restoration clinics in Kochi, use FHT or Follicular Hair Transplant procedure where we plant per follicle so that more extraction can be made. Our specialized techniques can provide treatment that leaves negligible or no scar. 

The Results?

While wondering about a hair transplant procedure, how can we miss out on the main factor? yes, the result of a hair transplanting. As happy as it sounds, hair transplant results within a week, you can see the change as soon as you complete the procedure. A hair transplant doesn’t stop you from going to work or doing things you love. You may need to take medications for several days.

The doctor will have you wear bandages over your scalp for at least a day or two. You may be prescribed to take antibiotics as per the doctor’s suggestion. You’ll be able to do all work after 2 to 5 days. It’s natural for some hair to fall out, but you will start noticing the result of hair transplanting and new growth within a few months. 

The whole hair transplant procedure is conducted under the supervision of an experienced doctor and our team. The treatment has been scheduled as per the client’s satisfaction in fixing hairlines that match their dreams. We examine the direction, curliness, quality, and status of hair before the transplant to give you suitable services from our ample doctors. Our services are under the surveillance of registered doctors of MCI (Medical Council of India) with dedication and hard work to give you the best results. Still having doubts? Know more about hair transplants and the most frequently asked questions here.



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