A heartwarming Story of our patron

August 16, 2021 by Hair Plants


We are proud to be the best hair transplant clinic in Kerala. Apart from doing our sessions and business, we take our patrons and their stories very seriously. They are our family.

Are you looking forward to the day where you can step out into the world without wearing the mask?
Well, I too am.

But, few people amongst us consider this pandemic period and lock down a *blessing in disguise.*

Let me tell you a heartwarming story of one such person and how we helped that beautiful soul to wipe away her sorry tears. She is our most valued patron. One who is resilient ,good at heart with a true spirit of humanity.
Arti (name changed) is a teacher from Aluva. Her world changed upside down when her only sister passed away in an accident leaving her with two kids to look after. Arti has two kids of her own. After her sister passed away, she took the custody of her sister’s two kids.
Her husband was abroad working. She has four kids to tend to and a full-time job. Bringing up four kids without any support was harsh for her. All these took a toll on her health. We can only imagine how her hands got full in a week’s time.

The impact of stress was tremendously seen on her hair. She lost most of it. She almost went bald.
Then Corona hit, lockdown happened. Unlike the rest of the world, Arti was happy that she doesn’t need to face people. She doesn’t need to cover her head with long scarf and consciously walk around to run errands. She was relieved.
But that happiness didn’t last.

To her dismay, she realized she can’t hide her face much from her students online.
That’s when she addressed her issue and approached us.

After hearing her tale, our fundamental goal was to alleviate her distress.

The rest of the story is in the picture that is unedited to keep it as real as it can be.
She is now happy and confident.

Her confidence makes us smile. And, That’s our biggest reward.


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