What is the average daily hair loss?
On an average, we lose 100 to 150 hairs daily, fortunately most of this hair re-grows because the follicles remain healthy and intact. When the hair loss outpaces the re-growth, it causes baldness.
What are the main causes of hair loss?
Numerous factors contribute to hair loss: scalp bacteria, stress, poor nutrition, genetic baldness and hormonal imbalance. Hair loss is caused by a combination of these factors though genetic baldness is the most dominant factor, accounting for nearly 95 per cent of all hair loss in men, as well as affecting millions of women. Though male pattern baldness can be treated, it cannot be cured permanently, since it is genetically predetermined. The DHI Global Hair Network diagnostic procedures (medical and dermatological examinations, alopecia test, trichogram, hair densitometry, and others) help identify the type of hair loss.
Where do I begin?
A consultation with our team of hair loss treatment experts is the first step forward. If you are suffering from any form of hair loss, we encourage you to contact our specialists for a consultation. Upon consultation, the specialists will prescribe and conduct the exclusive DHI Alopecia Hair Loss Test®, which is a part of our extensive suite of scientific diagnostic procedures. A specialized camera is used to provide high quality magnified images of the scalp and the hair. Several types of alopecia can be identified by isolating the following factors:
1) Hair loss comparison with the existing database of cases in various stages of hair loss and proposed treatment for every stage.
2) Skin analysis and hair diameter analysis comparison with the database of images of normal skin and hair to estimate the health of the scalp and hair.
3) Accurate measurement of number of hairs in both the donor and recipient areas.
4) Mapping of telogen phase hairs.
5) Count of total hair follicles in donor area.
6) Hairline design.
7) Density and distribution pattern.
How much will it cost?
The cost of the restoration procedure depends on a number of factors, including the length of hair to be transplanted, your medical history, age, etc. The DHI treatment prices take into account the following factors:
1) Amount of hair required to treat your hair loss problem.
2) Location of the donor area.
3) Number of visits in which you wish to complete your hair restoration treatment.
4) Whether the scalp is shaven or not.
While most of the treatments can be completed in one session, you may require 2 sessions to achieve a greater density. With the aid of Densitometry, and specially designed equipment together with simple mathematics, you will be informed of your total available donor hair in advance. Our doctors will visually examine your donor area to assess the optimum amount of hairs required to treat your hair loss and revert with a final quote.
What will be the result?
DHI results are GUARANTEED!
DHI’s unique procedure ensures that it is not be possible to see a difference between your own hair and the transplants. Since the DHI Technique is absolutely natural, transplanted hair is completely healthy and natural in appearance. Hair re-growth will be seen after 16 weeks, depending on how quickly the capillaries form around the newly relocated follicular units. The number of sessions to complete your hair restoration will depend on the size of the balding area, donor yield and your goal. With this method, a substantially receding hairline or even large bald areas, can receive very good hair growth coverage.
Is there a guarantee for DHI’s treatment?
DHI’s procedures have been developed by the world’s leading medical practitioners. DHI’s global teams of Physicians have successfully treated over 100,000 patients including many from the medical profession.
Furthermore, DHI’s expertise comes with a guarantee: Hair growth or Free of charge replacement. Please visit us to view a “live” session or talk directly to the doctors on DHI’s revolutionary hair restoration technique.
Generally, forceps are used for placement, but the No Touch Technique uses the DHI Implanter to precisely control placement, depth and direction of implanted hair. This creates a totally natural hairline, free from the pitting and discoloration that is sometimes associated with FUE and other traditional methods of hair restoration.
Why choose DHI?
Even though hair loss is a common condition, it is a traumatic experience. So, rather than lament over lost hair, take charge and consult us TODAY. Over 100,000 patients have already experienced the best of hair restoration technology from DHI, and are very happy to announce proudly that DHI has changed their lives. DHI has advanced hair restoration technology and holds patents on many techniques including the DHI® or Direct Hair Implantation® procedure, the DHI SHF®, and DHI No Touch® , all of which result in guaranteed 100 percent natural looking hair. DHI International has also been the recipient of numerous awards and commendations for technique, research, and commitment in the hair restoration field, and our worldwide clinics maintain the highest quality controls and are certified ISO 9002.
What are the various steps in DHI treatment?
1) The DHI Alopecia Hair Loss Test – This test is performed prior to the procedure (to judge the degree and rate of hair loss), along with skin examinations of the recipient and donor sites, using extensive measurements and precise, customized design.
2) Procedure – Doctors remove follicles from the donor sites in naturally occurring bundles as well as available single hair follicles from the sides and back of the head and place them in the effected areas. A small pen like device is used to remove the follicles after the area has been anesthetized with local anesthetic.
3) Medication – A short course of medication is given immediately after the procedure.
4) Follow-up – The patients have to come for a hair wash on the third day and thereafter visit for reviews, as required, over the next few months.
What can I expect during my DHI procedure?
The procedure is patient-friendly and provides you lot of respite unlike other medical procedures. You may take frequent breaks, use the restroom any time, and can even rest during the procedure as if you are taking a nap. The entire procedure is carried out under local anesthesia to ensure that you experience no pain and be fully conscious. You are free to ask any questions during the procedure. In addition, we will allow you to see the follicles after placement to see how they are perfectly placed to match the existing arrangement, orientation, growth angle, and direction of your natural hair.
Is DHI painful and when will I see my hair grow back?
New advances have made the procedure virtually painless. The procedure takes around 4 to 6 hours to complete and in this time, you can relax listening to music, watch TV and even enjoy a light lunch. The procedure requires no bandage and hence you can be just what you look post treatment. Hair regrowth will be seen after 16 weeks, depending on how quickly the capillaries form around the newly relocated follicular units. This newly transplanted hair grows naturally in its new location for the rest of the patient’s life.
Will my new hair look natural?
The DHI Technique results are absolutely natural and it will not be possible to see much difference between your existing hair and the transplants. Naturally, one’s hair will never look as thick and full as it did in the teenage years. However, transplanted hair is completely healthy and natural in appearance. Even a person with a substantially receding hairline and large bald spots can expect to see very good growth with this method.
How many sessions are required for my hair restoration to complete?
The number of sessions depends on the size of the balding area, donor yield and the need of the patient.
Can grey hair be transplanted to the thinning area?
Yes, that is possible. If the hair is very white, we may need to temporarily color the hair. This helps the medical team to find the hair and follicles more easily during the extraction part of the procedure.
Do I need to take time-off after the treatment?
A therapeutic head wash is administered by our staff, a day after the treatment. Following this head wash, one can return to work. It is essential to use the specially designed Pre-Post FHR shampoo for optimum results.
Do I have to be careful post-treatment so as not to damage new hair follicles?
Your doctor and consultant will provide you with the necessary post-operative instructions. In general, you have to avoid strenuous exercise for 7 days following the procedure and should not expose your head to direct sunlight for 14 days.


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