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It is often said that nothing happens, unless there is a dream first. At the genesis of the Hair Plants story there was a dream. A dream so powerful, to shape up the Cosmetic Medical Services Industry in Kerala. Hair Plants Clinics across Kerala and Middle East is a concern of Medi Sprouts Group. Medi Sprouts is a socially committed group of doctors and entrepreneurs, aiming to introduce the best in class Medical Facilities across Kerala.

Medi Sprouts is led by Dr. Rajesh C N, Chairman and Dr. Reji Nicholas as Medical Director. True to its founding principle of forming strategic partnerships with Medical research organizations across the globe, Medi sprouts tied up with DHI Global to offer Hair Transplantation Services to the people of Kerala. Medi Sprouts is also offering services like PRP, Alopecia Research and development on new products and services. Over the last several years, Medi Sprouts Group has built across strong base of satisfied clients which includes many eminent Personalities like Doctors, Entertainment Industry Artists as well as research and media industry people. Medi Sprouts group is trusted by people for consulting, research and procedure implementation with strict standards.

Eyebrow Reconstruction: DHI hair transplant procedures can be used to reconstruct eye brows lost due to alopecia, age, burning or any other facial injury. With DHI you will now be able to create and re-create your eye brows.

Alopecia Hair Loss Test: At Hair plants, you can undergo Alopecia Hair Loss Test to measure the strength of your donor hair as well as to understand the density of existing hair.

Moustache Reconstruction: Moustache Reconstruction/ shaping can be done through DHI transplant procedures to cater to low hair growth area within a moustache due to burns or other ailments.


"Being an International level cricketer is not easy. Heat, sweat, stress and injuries take their toll, and at times hair… But thanks to DHI, the latest in hair restoration, I got my natural hair back. "Now I can comb, shampoo or style them, just like before" says Virendra Sehwag. "Moreover, you sell great when you look good." He adds."...
“I finally found that DHI was the ultimate hair restoration procedure. The staff at DHI patiently explained the entire procedure. I was quite impressed... I had never imagined an experience like this. It was painless, and I was completely at ease."
"When I got Strip surgery done, two years back - I was in pain, screaming & shouting. But during the DHI procedure, I was enjoying myself, talking and watching TV. It is an absolutely painless and easy procedure. So, If you have had a disaster strip surgery, GO FOR DHI."
"The DHI team is warm and made me feel very comfortable. All my questions were answered and I was given proper advice. It took me 2 years to decide to go for the procedure, but now post - DHI, I wonder why I wasted so much of time to decide. The results are fantastic!"
"After enquiring about various other procedures, I selected DHI as it is the latest technique. Today, I am very happy with the result. The procedure was painless, and I am satisfied with my natural hair growth. Now I can shampoo my hair, cut them, style them, and try different looks on them. There is nothing artificial about it."

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